Nanny and baby attend weekly hands-on training

Facilitators run weekly sessions for babies or toddlers written by a mom and Occupational Therapist using our tried and tested curriculum with over 5000 nannies and children.

Here are some more benefits for nanny and baby:

Experiential learning for baby

A child’s first 1000 days or 2 years (plus pregnancy) show a remarkable ability to absorb information effortlessly and their brain size reaches 80% of its adult size. Crucial to this development is the one to one interaction from a loving caregiver. We ensure a balance between individual free play and group structure so that your child grows in confidence and can direct their energies in playful learning experiences. There is holistic development in every session with an emphasis to instil a love for learning and discovery.

Not only do our groups provide a weekly learning experience but enable them to have some exposure to other children in a relaxed setting with the guiding presence of their nanny. This facilitates two important things: social interaction and some exposure to everyday ‘bugs’ for enhanced immunity.
Children love belonging to a group and the joy of being, learning and growing together is celebrated.

Our research-based programme has been designed by an Occupational Therapist so it addresses the specific skills needed as a foundation to school readiness. Most of our facilitators are Occupational therapists and mothers themselves.

“The last 2 years have honestly been the best money spent and to see how our nanny has grown in her role and relationship with Holly has made us exceptionally happy and proud.”

Experiential learning for Nanny

We respect nannies as adult learners with much life experience. Many may not have had exposure to the play activities and materials found in the employer’s home. We come alongside nannies, encouraging them through hands-on learning activities so that they can actively witness your child’s curiosity and natural desire to learn. Our sessions are focussed on assisting nannies to apply developmental concepts in an experiential way. We have seen nannies transform in their role of carer, understanding what a crucial part they have to play in a child’s development – not only yours but theirs as well! They feel valued and appreciated because they experience positive feedback weekly and are acknowledged with certificates every six weeks.

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