What is Nanny ‘n Me?

The weekly groups are an hour long and provide opportunities for engaging in age appropriate play. The activities reflect the interests and developmental stage of the child. There is an emphasis on positively influencing the nanny and child relationship as well as encouraging ongoing input at home where a learning environment is promoted. Nannies learn about developmental concepts week by week and receive certificates every block. Moms receive a weekly email explaining the activities and enjoy seeing photos of their child so they don’t miss out on the fun!

How it began

Nanny ’n me was started in Cape Town in April 2012 by Lara Schoenfeld, an Occupational Therapist and mom of three boys. With a passion for creativity, a love for little people and nannies as well as experiencing the struggle of being a working mom, the idea was born. There was also the realisation that most nannies have never had the opportunity as children to paint or to build puzzles themselves and may feel reticent to have to initiate such activities with the child they care for.

Our dream

We want to put it ‘out there’ as a dream – any ideas, comments or assistance are welcome! Many nannies today are with families only until their child(ren) are at preschool. Imagine you could be part of training your nanny up to start her own home-based playgroup once she leaves you as she will have a base of learning from her time at Nanny ‘n me. Then she could enter our proposed programme where Nanny ‘n me would train and equip nannies to start implementing play-based learning in their own communities. Our OTs could work afternoons in community training, monitoring and evaluating her playschool on site. And so we could reach children who are in dire need of play and learning in safe, loving environments. Did you know that only 54% of children in our country ‘pass’ Grade 1? 0-3 is the most crucial stage in developing our nation’s young minds and characters. Help us!