Our Virtual Groups

Empower your Nanny and stimulate your child all in the comfort of your own home!

If you have a nanny looking after your little one and you want to see them Play and Learn together then you definitely want to join a Nanny ‘n Me group. If there is no group in your area OR you would prefer for them to Play and Learn at home (transport or safety concerns) then a virtual group is for you!

If you join a virtual group you and your nanny will be added to a Whatsapp group. There you will receive weekly videos and PDFs explaining and demonstrating your weekly activities and receive encouragement and support from others in the group and your facilitator.

You will receive a kit (delivered to your door) that contains all materials needed for the main activity for each 6-week block.

Your nanny and little one will also attend a weekly 30-40 minute Zoom session with their group and facilitator where they will sing together and discuss the HOW and WHY of that week’s activities.!

What parents say

“It really is the absolute best investment for us as working parents and the growth I have seen in our nanny over the year is astounding”

Tammy, Claremont

Rather view our physical (face to face groups)?