Life insurance: Simply

People who work in our homes and small businesses are an important part of our daily lives. They are often the only breadwinners for their families, and if tragedy strikes, their dependants may be left destitute. Simply Domestic Cover provides great value protection (funeral, life, disability) for your employee and their family. Just a few simple health questions – no blood tests required – and they’re covered. Sign up quickly and easily online for 10{a4a36b3249f435639766a168ac0480caf287a2bae2f5f54d5c336eeed4551998} savings (limited period). We can also call you if you prefer.

Get 5{a4a36b3249f435639766a168ac0480caf287a2bae2f5f54d5c336eeed4551998} extra discount when you use the Nanny ‘n Me referral link when you sign up. This 5{a4a36b3249f435639766a168ac0480caf287a2bae2f5f54d5c336eeed4551998} will be donated to our community early education project.

Simply Life Insurance