Have you ever thought of sending your nanny on some courses?

Not only will it empower and upskill your nanny but it will bring great benefits to your family and to her community as well.
A Win-Win for everyone!

Elves at Work

(Sewing course) www.elvesatwork.co.za

Elves at work provide sewing workshops and programs that aim to inspire creativity, design and entrepreneurship.
They create platforms for individuals to experience, express and share their creativity so that they can effect change in their lives and in their community.
What the elves have to say about the joys of tutoring these classes:
“Witnessing members progress from knowing absolutely nothing about sewing in the Basic Sewing Class, to seeing them walking into a Membership Class sporting their sewing bag, which they made all by themselves!”
“Seeing the look on a student’s face when they finally “get” it; from inserting a zip properly to stitching in a straight line.”

You can find out more information at:
18 Brickfield Rd, Salt River, Cape Town