What we do

What we do

We think in terms of


We play and create every week using age appropriate activities for 0-3 year olds. Holistic development in every session of all milestones with an emphasis to instill a love for learning and discovery.   Nannies are encouraged to do ‘with’  and not ‘for’ the child they care for, facilitating the next step of any skill we focus on.


Children develop a sense of self and are able to express themselves in creative ways. We ensure a balance between individual free play and group structure so that your child grows in confidence and direct their energies in playful learning experiences. Nannies are respected as adult learners, always encouraged to share their life experience, own songs and play ideas. ‘Being a nanny’ becomes seen as purposeful, meaningful work as a nanny is invested in and grows in her skills and knowledge.


Children experience mastery which is essential for their self esteem. ‘me do it’ and ‘I did it’ are essential expressions that we love to hear! Nannies know how to create a ‘just right’ challenge for your child. Nannies become change agents in their communities


Through weekly sessions with the security of nanny present means that children are guided in the process of becoming a social being that belongs to a group and the joy of being, learning and growing together is celebrated. Nannies feel valued and connected and are able to organise their own playdates. Neighbourhoods get to know each other!