Benefits of our program

Benefits of our program

Our program has a number of benefits for:

Benefits for the Child:

A child’s first 1000 days or three years show a remarkable ability to absorb information effortlessly and their brain size reaches 80% of its adult size. Crucial to this development is the one to one interaction they need from a loving caregiver. Not only do our groups provide a weekly learning experience with the security of their nanny present but enable them to have some exposure to other children in a structured setting. This enables two important things: social interaction with the guiding presence of an adult but also some exposure to everyday ‘bugs’ and enhanced immunity.

Lastly as our programme has been designed by an Occupational Therapist it addresses the specific skills needed as a foundation to school readiness as we know what areas are most commonly is referred to OTs for therapy.

Benefits for the Nanny

We respect nannies as adult learners with much life experience but who may need exposure to the types of activities they may not have experienced growing up themselves. We come alongside nannies, encouraging them through hands on learning activities that allow them to apply the concepts discussed in an experiential way, actively witnessing your child’s curiosity and natural desire to learn. We have seen nannies transform in their role of carer, understanding what a crucial part they have to play in a child’s development – not only yours but theirs as well! They feel valued and appreciated because they experience positive feedback weekly and are acknowledged with certificates every block.

Benefits for the Parents:

we know what it’s like to try and balance work and home life. Peace of mind is essential when you wonder ‘what is happening at home while I’m at work?’ You see through our weekly emails what is being focussed on and this really helps you and your nanny feel like a team in terms of your child’s development. You also get to know other parents in the group if you would like to!

Benefits for the Greater Community

  • Many nannies start organising weekly playdates with other children in the group which is a wonderful benefit too!
  • It has been found through the Improvement Districts that when parks are frequented, security improves in a neighbourhood due to increased visibility. We also contribute where possible to park improvement.  So for example we recently donated a bench to a park in Hout Bay.
  • In terms of the larger community, we are actively seeking ways to develop the children in the areas where nannies live, by empowering nannies themselves to become change agents with what they have learnt through Nanny ‘n me!